This blog is now on an indefinite hiatus

I will no longer be taking messages or submissions to this blog, nor will I be independently role playing on this blog for the foreseeable future. However, I will not be gone from Tumblr. I will continue to play with those players who already have a story line with me, but not on this blog. If new people wish to have a story line with me, or if we have discussed a story line, but not yet played anything out — you may contact me by Fan Mail. Otherwise, I believe all the people I have regular plot with do have my Skype information.

If you want to know why I’m on hiatus, it’s because independent role play in the Teen Wolf fandom has become toxic for me and I’m tired, so very tired, nor do I any longer have time to deal with drama.

That is all. Thank you and good night. I apologize for all my crazy.

Why be done with indie rp? What about other people you to with?

What play? I have barely played at all as of late. My ability to play is completely crippled because I don’t want to open myself up to that kind of rejection, again. I’m no one’s main Derek. The only people who care, we already talk on Skype and could have 1x1s. I can’t handle trying to find new partners when the one who got closest is the one who hurt me the most. I’m just done — for tonight, at least. I really don’t want to delete the blog, but it’s very likely I’ll just archive it and try to move on. I’ve bawled my eyes out everyday for the past month over Naomi. I just can’t do it anymore.

why did she block you? o:

Well, to be fair, I originally blocked her for a two week period a little while ago because I couldn’t stand to see her on my dash because it choked me up. She got upset that I didn’t talk to her in July — July, the month I had a mental breakdown after losing my job, my apartment, my car, everything — and I didn’t want to interrupt her vacation. As soon as she was back from vacation, I was ready to go, but she has no interest in playing with me anymore because she was “protecting Allie,” “lost” her muse, and just wanted to be friends because she “missed” me. I got upset, she tooted her holier than thou horn, and now I’m blocked. Whatever. Pretty sure I’m done with Independent Role Play after this.

Thanks For Calling Me A Friend And Blocking Me (alternate title: A Post You’ll Never See Because You Blocked Me) by Me

Send me ▲ and I’ll reply with a sex gif of what my muse wants to do to/with yours

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